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Getting Started

Welcome to Mast! To start, register a new account from the Sign In page.

After that’s done, it's time to create your first ship. To do this, go to the Ship Editor. In the ship editor, you can build and code your ship. Each part has a different price, so keep an eye on the budget in the top left. The TEST button on the bottom right allows you to test the currently loaded ship in battle against any of your other ships, without affecting your multiplayer rating. Testing a ship by itself isn’t very useful, so try creating a square out of hull blocks for target practice until you’ve built more than a single ship.

Once you’re done building your ship and have verified that it works in testing, you’re ready to send it off to battle. Press Escape and exit to the main menu, then click To Battle. You’re presented with a dialog where you’re able to select your team of ships to fight with. You must select three ships, and you may select the same ship multiple times. Once you have your ship(s) selected, hit Fight! and the game will enter battle with your selected ships. Your selected ships are now locked in, and anyone can fight against them. Multiplayer is not real-time, and your rating can change while you’re not playing from other people fighting against your ships. Feel free to make changes to your ships at any time from the Ship Editor.



Using an External Text Editor

More experienced coders may prefer to write their ships' scripts with an external editor of their choice. Mast easily supports the use of external text editors. You can find the ship script files on Windows in the Mast_Data/Ships/ directory, and in a similar directory on OSX and Linux. Edit the .lua files directly while tabbed out of the game, and when you tab back in your changes will be updated in-game.

Scripting API

Your ships in Mast are controlled completely by Lua scripts that you write yourself. Below is a reference for everything you need to know to code your ships. Also check out the Lua Reference Manual for more information about general Lua programming.